About xCurrency Hubs

As a leading provider of cross-border payment infrastructure services, xCurrency Hubs is committed to leveraging cutting-edge Web3.0 blockchain technology to create an innovative direct-connect global payment network. Our vision is to provide comprehensive and integrated cross-border payment solutions through digital means to banks, exchange houses, fintech firms, and other financial institutions worldwide.

Our meticulously crafted payment platform supports seamless fund movements across all scenarios, ensuring security, efficiency, and transparency for every transaction. xCurrency Hubs has become a driving force in advancing the industry, continuously leading the wave of fintech innovation.

In the realm of offshore RMB international clearing and settlement, xCurrency Hubs demonstrates an unparalleled competitive edge. We understand the complexities of cross-border payments deeply and offer our clients a frictionless, low-cost payment experience through our expertise and technical strength.

Join xCurrency Hubs to explore the future of cross-border payments and co-create a new chapter in global financial services.

Unleashing the potential of the Cross-Border Payment Infrastructure built on Web3 for seamless financial connectivity.

TRAVEL TAO LIMITED holds a Money Service Operator license issued by Hong Kong Customs. License number NO.17-10-02224

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