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xCurrency Hubs is committed to developing the next-generation cross-border payment infrastructure. Through the integration of blockchain and big data technologies, xCurrency Hubs pioneers innovation at the core of cross-border payments.

We provide global financial institutions with an enhanced cross-border payment platform and a meticulous compliance system, facilitating swifter cross-border payments with lower costs, higher security, and more accurate oversight.

CNY Experts - Help you expand your business to China

We have established our competitive advantage with an efficient technology platform, innovative solutions and a deep understanding of Chinese and global compliance.

Blockchain-powered Efficient Cross-border Payments

Leverage the power of blockchain technology to simplify cross-border transactions and reduce friction costs.

Deep understanding of compliance

Gain a deep understanding of the Chinese market's unique financial landscape, regulatory requirements and payment preferences.

Localized solutions

Provide technology solutions tailored to the needs of businesses and consumers tapping into the Chinese market.

China Distribution Network

Establish strong partnerships with banks and financial institutions within China to promote seamless international transactions.

Optimal Exchange Rates

Our expertise in the Renminbi market also ensures the best possible exchange rates.

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Unleashing the potential of the Cross-Border Payment Infrastructure built on Web3 for seamless financial connectivity.

TRAVEL TAO LIMITED holds a Money Service Operator license issued by Hong Kong Customs. License number NO.17-10-02224

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