Real-time direct
Transfers to China

Our real-time payout network offers quick to market solution and competitive fees full compliant with China regulation.


Why choose us?

We offer a faster, simpler, digital and cost-effective alternative to legacy platforms.

Compliance Assurance

Experience secure and regulation-compliant cross-border transactions, ensuring the safety and legality of your financial activities.

Direct Bank Integration

Integrated with global banking systems, eliminating intermediaries, reducing costs, and achieving instant cross-border fund transfers.

24/7 Instant Settlement

Our platform operates 24/7, guaranteeing secure and immediate funds deposition into the designated account, facilitating your business across any time zone.

How it works

Transfer in Three Easy Steps

Interviews, tips, guides, industry best practices, and news.

Step 0


Eligibility · Documents · Account

Step 1

Design & Experience

Demand · Analysis · Solution

Step 2

Integration & Development

Backend · Frontend · Test

Step 3

Launch Product

Service · Maintenance · Feedback


How it work?

Less intermedium, more money received.

Traditional Remittance

xCurrency mass payment





PSP / Bank A

Payment Infrastructure

Correspondent bank A

Correspondent bank B

Payment Infrastructure

PSP / Bank B


Flexible, affordable and reliable payment solutions.


API toolkit rapidly delivers solutions for you and your customers with a simple integration.


Designed for businesses that want to fully control your user experience.


Customize your own brand with White-label and fully compliant avoiding dev and ops time and costs.

Unleashing the potential of the Cross-Border Payment Infrastructure built on Web3 for seamless financial connectivity.

TRAVEL TAO LIMITED holds a Money Service Operator license issued by Hong Kong Customs. License number NO.17-10-02224

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