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Transfers to China

Our real-time payout network offers quick to market solution and competitive fees full compliant with China regulation.

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We offer a faster, simpler, digital and
cost-effective alternative to legacy platforms.


compliance assurance

Choose a secure, compliant cross-border remittance solution that keeps your payments safe and legal.


savings on transaction costs

By integrating directly with banks, we significantly lower the cost of your payments to China.

< 1 sec

transfer time

Our platform operates 24/7, ensuring prompt and secure fund transfers to Chinese clients' accounts, supporting your business globally.


reduction in payment errors

With our intelligent multi-track payment system, we optimize each transaction's route for efficiency and reliability, significantly boosting success rates.

Expand your business to China with our All-in-One payout platform


Rapid and Reliable Personal Money Transfers to China

Accelerate your individual remittances to China using a variety of channels with our smart routing. Most transfers are completed instantly. Experience the convenience of connecting to China with simplicity.


Smooth Connection to Your Payroll Systems

Enhance your global payroll operations with our streamlined solutions, ensuring cost-effective bulk payments to overseas Chinese companies or businesses employing Chinese staff.


Leverage China's International Commerce Capabilities

Navigate the complexities of conducting business with China effortlessly, and benefit from smoother and more efficient trade payments. Tap into the vast potential offered by China’s prominent position in the global market with xCurrency Hubs' advanced services.

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How does it work?

Less intermedium, more money received.

Traditional Remittance

xCurrency mass payment





PSP / Bank A

Payment Infrastructure

Correspondent bank A

Correspondent bank B

Payment Infrastructure

PSP / Bank B


Flexible, affordable and reliable payment solutions.


API toolkit rapidly delivers solutions for you and your customers with a simple integration.


Designed for businesses that want to fully control your user experience.


Customize your own brand with White-label and fully compliant avoiding dev and ops time and costs.

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What information needed to provide to make a remittance?

We provide you with two collection modes: a Classic mode and a Xpress mode.

In Classic mode, these are required:

  • Payee Full Name (Chinese)

    • Payee Gender

    • Payee Occupation

    • Payee Address

  • Payee Phone Number

  • Payee ID Card No

    • ID Start/Expire Date

    • ID Images (front & back)

  • Payee Bank Card No

In Xpress mode, these are required:

  • Payee Full Name (Chinese)

  • Payee Phone Number

  • Payee ID Card No

  • Payee Bank Card No

How many receiving banks accepted?

Currently, the payout service covers UnionPay debit cards issued by 500 banks in China. When encountering bank cards that are not supported, please contact our account manager.

Is the remittance received with full amount?

Yes, what you see is what you get! The CNY amount received by the recipient is consistent with the exact amount when payers placed the order.

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Unleashing the potential of the Cross-Border Payment Infrastructure built on Web3 for seamless financial connectivity.

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